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For your researching:




For the Mathematicians: 


For the Scientists:

external image logo_national_geographic.JPGexternal image discovery_channel_logo.jpg         

For the Readers, Writers, and Reporters:
external image TeenInkStackedColor.jpgpbsnewshourextra.pngexternal image stacks_2.png    

For the Historians:
external image history-color.gif external image SmithsonianEducation.jpg



For the Artists and Musicians: 

external image redstudio.thumbnail.JPGScreen_shot_2012-02-14_at_9.53.42_AM.pngexternal image BackIssue7.jpgexternal image screenshot.jpg buttonbass.jpg



For the Athletes:

external image more_games_at_sikidscom_trans.gif external image sport_head.gif


For your Health:

external image PurpleBannerKids.gif external image Above-The-Influence-Logo.jpgexternal image Stop+Bullying+now.gif
external image 133066285v5_480x480_Front.jpgexternal image teenshealth.gif HowToBeatDepressionSM.jpeg        



Other cool stuff: 

external image puzzle_maker.jpgexternal image sheppard%20software.JPG external image typing.jpg  







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