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About This Site

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"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself" -Galileo Galilei


Greetings!!  This website has been due to the effort of several dedicated Technology/Computer teachers for the benefit of all of our students and staff.  It is our hope that the links in this site help drive the curiosity and further the learning of our young people.  As Technology progresses, this site will also continue to evolve, so that students may have more options to explore and teachers/parents may find areas to continually help and inspire all learners.  Contact us through the Southwark Office if you have an idea for additional educational websites.


Why was this site moved?  Unfortunately, our original Wikispaces website was being closed down due to that company needing to shut operations.  But the beauty of the Internet is that there are many free web-hosting spaces for education (meaning minimal or no ads), so we are happy to be on PBWorks.


Here's a message from the maker of our original Student Portal on Wikispaces:


As the former PSSA prep/computer teacher at Southwark Elementary (2009-2010), I designed this website with the following beliefs:

I believe it is imperative that our highly diverse and unique student body has a chance to experience learning through a wide variety of options that appeal to them. This website was designed to provide our students as well as any other young learners the opportunity to educate themselves through interactive games, activities, and reading materials. It includes everything from academic areas of study to extracurricular sporting information to health tips, including advice to teens with problems that may seem too embarrassing to ask an adult about.

This website was designed purely for the purpose of helping young learners to help themselves. As technology use is becoming more and more advanced and almost impossible to live without, it is very important that our young people are comfortable and knowledgeable about using it in everyday life. Everything from television to cell phones involves technology, and no doubt, our young people will be using even more technology than any of us may have dreamed of.

Each student is unique and learns in a different way. This site caters to the likes of many learners. The many different websites aim to help our struggling readers find an enticing article to read. It encourages our artist and musicians to create their own pieces and aids our future scientists and mathematicians with virtual models and manipulatives. It inspires our rising historians to explore the past and excites our upcoming athletes by providing articles about their role models. It informs our youth about the best decisions for their health. This website intends to educate many different types of learners in the most appealing way possible.

Hopefully, this site provides a great education to a diverse population of learners in the most appealing way.

-Miss Thoman






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